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Pigon control nets

There is a problem of birds and pigeons in several localities like food industries, residential, restaurants, resorts, factories. We are providing installation service like bird safety nets, duct area safety nets also we get more appreciated by our customers. We are one of the leading pigeon manufacturer company in Hyderabad. We offer 100% co-polymer nylon & other materials. Nookachitti safety nets provide you to avoid pigeon’s entry into building premises without killing or hurting pigeons. It can avoid respiratory infections and lung diseases from pigeons.

Nookachiti safety nets are one of the leading suppliers of bird species that are manufactured with the used of polycarbonate and stainless steel. A bird control spike also called as anti roosting spike or pigeon spikes or roost modification that the device comprising of long needle like rods, which used to control the bird.

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Nookachitti safety net product is the best product and materials in Hyderabad.

Why Safety Nets?

Safety net is the nets that prevent from accident after falling from height by constraining the distance they fall.